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To encourage, foster, and facilitate positive economic development within the neighborhood. Acting as an intermediary link between residents and businesses, the committee is focused on bringing value to the neighborhood that addresses community needs and creates opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Get Involved

The Economic Development Committee meets bi-monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM on ZOOM until further nothice. Check our calendar for call-in info!


Who Should Get Involved


If you’re interested in working collaboratively to foster positive economic development, the Economic Development committee wants to hear your ideas. Join the next monthly meeting to be a part of interesting discussions and important initiatives aimed at supporting existing businesses and assisting new ones.



NEW SOSNA Business Listserv

SOSNA is currently creating a neighborhood business listserv to better serve our community!

Why, you may ask?

SOSNA wants to improve our communicate with the businesses in our neighborhood!  This listserv will help us gather information about discounts, deals, and other details from local businesses and organizations.  This information will be published in our new monthly newsletter.

We hope this is one step towards fostering better partnerships and creating more foot traffic to local business establishments to encourage neighbors to eat, play, and shop locally.

If you're a local business, please email to be added to this listserv.

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November 2022: South St. Sidewalk Party

In collaboration with local artist and activist Meei Ling Ng, SOSNA is helping coordinate a South St. Sidewalk Party along the 1600 and 1700 blocks of South St. in November 2022.

This event will encourage neighbors to visit this bustling economic corridor and engage with our small businesses and vendors.  

Since the pandemic hit us in 2020, we have seen some businesses go, and some new businesses come.

This will be a wonderful time to mingle in your community and get acquainted with the products and services along South St.

If interested in helping out with door-to-door outreach and event planning, please email  Please use Subject Header "South St. Sidewalk Party Support."


SOSNA Goes Out

SOSNA Goes Out began as SOSNA Dines Out - an event brings neighbors together to dine at a local restaurant on a weeknight. In 2018, the program has expanded to include SOSNA Works Out and Goes Out to engage other types new businesses in our commercial corridors. These events give residents exposure to a new business they may not have visited before, and it generates revenue for the business on nights or days they may otherwise not have many patrons during a typically slow evening.

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Washington Avenue Development

The main purpose of the Washington Avenue sub-committee is to help place commercial tenants, facilitate local hiring and then support the businesses once they move into the retail spaces on Washington Avenue. The Economic Development Committee aims to engage with developers and the tenants to publicize the opening, facilitate local hiring and then promote the business once it opens.

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