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2023 Michelle Cutner Award Nominations are OPEN!

The Michelle Cutner Award is given by SOSNA to 1 Chester A. Arthur Elementary School student & 1 E. Stanton Elementary School student in grades 1-5 who exemplifies outstanding service to the school community, campus, and neighborhood in the spirit of Michelle Cutner, a first grader at Arthur who was tragically killed by a stray bullet in our neighborhood in 1994.

The recipient of this award is devoted to his or her fellow classmates, mindful and respectful of teachers and administrators, and a steward for the well-being of the Arthur School building and its surroundings. All students are eligible for this $250 award and selection is not based solely on academic achievement. Please nominate one (1) student per class for this award. Finalists will be interviewed by SOSNA members, the principal and teacher. The award (a $250 gift card) will be presented to the recipient at the school.

Nomination deadline: April 22, 2023


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