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2401 Washington Avenue Community Meeting Recap

Neighbors gathered at St. Charles Senior Center this past Monday, February 26 to attend the first public community meeting for the project proposed at 2401 Washington Avenue. This project was presented by ‘2401 Team’ with lawyer Hercules Grigos of Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP and Agata Reister of Landmark Architects. Also represented is Noah Ostroff of Philly Living.

First, an overview was of the project site was made by the team. The lot is 45,000 sqft along Washington Avenue. The site will be built around the existing autobody and car wash businesses on Washington & 25th. The lot is currently zoned I-2 industrial and is surrounded by IRMX, RSA, I-2 and other various zoning categories in the neighborhood. The site is being designed to the IRMX standard. (See Philadelphia Zoning Guide for more information).

The 2401 Team has met with SOSNA’s Architecture Review Committee (ARC), North of Washington Avenue Coalition (NOWAC), and near neighbors on Kimball Street for additional feedback to bring together this design. The Team stated that this is a work in progress and any input in appreciated and considered.

They are proposing 80 units and 8,000 square feet of commercial space on Washington Avenue. They have designed the project to have a majority of the height on Washington Avenue and step down as you get closer to Kimball.

Mr. Grigos stated a few important aspects of this development:

  • Diverse housing stock: There are two full-rent apartment buildings, a variety of single family homes, duplexes, condo/flats, which creates price points that improve the housing stock - both rental and for sale.

  • Affordability: They are reserving 10% of total units to be moderate income/workforce (60% AMI of Philadelphia County, 8 of 80 units). These metrics are in alignment with Philadelphia’s Inclusionary Zoning bill but this project will not pursue the inclusionary zoning.

  • High-quality materials: The project will respect industrial character of Washington Avenue with brick facades, industrial sized windows, etc.

  • Commercial Space: 8,000 sqft of commercial space will hold the corner of 24th & Washington Avenue. The team wants to work with neighborhood to find what they want to see there and break it up into a number of different businesses. They stated their intent to to incorporate local businesses and less big boxes.

The project is broken into four buildings:

View of Building A from 25th Street

Building A: Multi-Family units

26 units, Mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-BR units

rentals fronting on 25th Street

parking underneath

4-story building

View from 24th into drive aisle for Building B - Townhomes (Right) & Building C (Left past trees)

Building B: Townhomes

Wanted to have lower density toward the back on Kimball,

Have 2 car garages, drive aisle that runs parallel to Kimball

Building C: Mix of townhomes, duplexes, and quad units

For sale

Quadplex (which is at the corner) will have 3 car garage; 4 of the townhomes on building C will have 1-car garages and one of the duplexes will have 3 car parking 4 of the townhomes on building C will have 1-car garages and one of the duplexes will have 3 car parking

View of Building D from Washington Avenue

Building D - Multi-Family

54 units, for rent

Ground floor commercial, ~8,000 sqft

Lobby is located in the middle

Driveway entrance further down Washington Avenue

Mix of 1-, 2-, and 3 BR units

View of Building D from 24th & Washington Avenue

Other features:


  • 38 parking spaces for 80 units (Required 3:10 parking ratio for IRMX; are currently above requirement)

Bike spaces:

  • 8 interior bike spaces bldg. A

  • 8 interior bike spaces bldg. D

  • 14 spaces outside

  • 3 on sidewalk/ could propose more

Street trees being added to Washington Avenue and 24th Street


SOSNA Zoning Committee Feedback

Overall, the committee appreciates the architecture reflective of Washington Avenue’s industrial history, diverse housing stock and inclusion of affordable housing and that the project exceeds parking requirements for IRMX. A committee member, who has asked for street trees at ARC meetings, appreciates the incorporation of more street trees on Washington Avenue and 24th. The architect stated that they have all been approved by Fairmount Park and expect to return to FP to request even more where possible and will work on the size of the tree pits. Another committee member asked about the size of the sidewalk on Washington Avenue. The Team stated that it starts at 19 feet at the corner and comes down to 11 feet as you come toward the center of the block. A member asked if they could use the curb cut on Washington Avenue for commercial loading to prevent congestion and bike lane parking. They also suggested that the loading zone could have designated hours during the day and open up the spaces at night for neighbors. The developer stated that this is an option they’re willing to explore and the existing commercial loading is inside of the garage of building A on the side of the interior street inside of the site.

Community Feedback & Questions


One neighbor who lives on the 2400 block of Carpenter did not receive notice of the meeting between the developer and residents of the 2400 block of Kimball Street (organized by NOWAC with notices by the attorney for the developer).