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Lights On Survey Results - 2017

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SOSNA’s Safety Committee sent out a survey in November 2017 to better understand lighting habits in the neighborhood and how we can work to make our streets safer and well lit. The survey sought to find out how well lit various blocks are, why people think lights aren’t kept on at night, and whether or not people have/use a stoop light.

DID YOU KNOW: Keeping your stoop light on at night helps increase visibility and security, eliminates dark hiding spots and discourages criminal behavior, and promotes more street interaction between neighbors!

With almost 400 responses, SOSNA was excited to learn that more residents keep their street lights on every day than “sometimes” and “never” categories combined.

As a reward for completing the survey, respondents were entered into a drawing to win a free Dusk-to-Dawn lightbulb ( for their front porch or stoop fixture. The Dusk-to-Dawn bulb uses sensors to know when to turn off and on when it gets darker or lighter out. It provides ease of mind if you forget to turn your porch light on when you get home – all you have to do is leave your switch on! In addition, the LED bulbs are more efficient and have a longer lifespan than fluorescent bulbs. As we gave away these 100 free lightbulbs, we kept track of where in the neighborhood they were being installed. The updated map below shows the original survey result data combined with blue dots, our Dusk-to-Dawn Bulbs. 

Now, we are in year two of distributing this survey. Our goal is collect more information about how lighting has changed with both primary influences including SOSNA’s educational outreach about the importance of stoop lights and the distribution of the free lightbulbs and secondary influences such as new developments, improved street lighting, etc. Our new survey is available below. Please share with your friends and neighbors to help us reach even more people in 2018! Take the 2018 Survey today!

NEIGHBOR SHOUT OUT: We were lucky when we put out a call to action in the community for a volunteer with data mapping and visualization skills, Lisa Ferretti was our knight in shining armor! Lisa created the visualizations you see above and she’s been helpful as we create our Year 2 Lights On Survey data questions. If you see Lisa, thank you for her work!


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