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First First Friday!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Philly Philly! Tis' the season and we are starting it off right!

In collaboration with Keepin' It Small, SOSNA is proud to debut our very own 'First Friday' on South Street! This night is the first of its kind for the South West Center City area, and we are hoping for many more to come!

Come shop, sip, and eat at your favorite small businesses on December 2nd, 6 pm-8 pm on the 1500 and 1600 blocks of South St. We have got a great evening in store for y'all! All of the participating retail shops will have gift certificate giveaways, making this the perfect opportunity to start your holiday shopping, with the accompaniment of live music!

Don't forget to fill up your belly with snacks and Philly's infamous city-wide specials at all participating bars. Whether you want the OG from Bob and Barbara's or something different, we promise you will find something to fit your mood!

We all know how important small businesses are to our communities and we at SOSNA and Keepin' It Small wants to make sure you know we've got some pretty great ones on South Street west! Looking forward to seeing you all!


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