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Safety improvements coming to Washington Avenue's west side

The improvements will include speed cushions to slow traffic on key blocks and hardened centerlines to prevent the aggressive cutting of left turns at hazardous speeds. Washington Avenue is on the City's High Injury Network, a collection of streets where the majority of serious injuries and deadly crashes take place. A total of 169 reportable crashes occurred between 2016 and 2020, with pedestrians and bicyclists overrepresented compared to the City's streets as a whole.

Speed cushions will be placed as follows:

  • One full set of speed cushions on the 1600 block of Washington just east of Chadwick Street

  • One full set of speed cushions on the 1700 block of Washington between Bouvier and Colorado Streets

Hardened centerlines mitigating factors contributing to the fatal and serious injury crash history associated with left turns at Washington Avenue and:

  • SB Grays Ferry Avenue

  • SB 25th Street

  • SB 24th Street

  • SB 23rd Street

  • NB 22nd Street

  • SB 21st Street

  • NB 20th Street

  • SB 19th Street

  • NB 18th Street

  • SB 17th Street

  • NB 16th Street

  • SB 15th Street

There is no exact date for installation but expect the changes either by the end of Fall or Spring of 2023. While we remain disappointed that the City will not move forward with the road diet a majority of neighbors preferred, it is a step in the right direction to implement these important traffic calming measures on Washington Avenue. We do not want to see another neighbor die or get injured simply walking, bicycling, or driving on the street.


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