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Get to know the SOSNA Community Benefits Agreement

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

With all the recent conversation related to the projects at 2101 and 2201 Washington Avenue, SOSNA wanted to provide some clarity around the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that was presented to OCF.

What is the purpose of the CBA?

As with all development projects in the neighborhood, SOSNA is dedicated to providing a forum from which neighbors can voice their opinions and ask questions. In the case of 2101 and 2201 Washington Ave, two projects that are rarely matched in size and impact on the neighborhood, the SOSNA Board of Directors decided a CBA was an appropriate way of sharing the neighborhood’s consolidated feedback on the projects.

What is included in the CBA and how was it created?

The major components of the CBA include the following:

  • Affordable housing

  • Parking

  • Open & green space

  • Safety & livability accommodations

  • Use of high-quality building materials

  • A desire for minority business inclusion

  • Commercials tenants that address neighborhood needs

  • Employment opportunities for local workers

Everything included in the CBA is derived from community input from the three prior community meetings about the project at 2101 Washington Ave. SOSNA also sought input from local community development organizations, neighboring Registered Community Organizations, elected officials, and community-based organizations.

Is OCF required to accept the terms of the CBA to get SOSNA’s approval?

No. In fact, SOSNA submitted the CBA with the hope that it can help spark a productive dialogue and provide a means from which common ground can be found. Despite multiple requests to engage in a dialogue, OCF has repeatedly refused, nor has it provided counter proposals or reasons why they are against the CBA. Furt