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Street Cleaning is Here!

The #1 concern we get from neighbors is STREET TRASH!

Well now we can rest a little bit easier now that the City is in Phase 2 of their mechanical street sweeping program and parts of our neighborhood are included!

The map of the street cleanings are below. Here's the schedule for a few streets in our neighborhood:

  • Christian street will be Tuesday from 11am-1pm

  • Even-numbered streets (Washington to Christian) will be Monday 11am-1pm

  • Odd-numbered streets (Washington to Christian) will be Wednesday 11am-1pm

  • Carpenter street will be Thursday from 11am-1pm

Please make sure you continue to:
  1. Put out trash on the correct day (either Mondays or Tuesdays for us! You can check here.)

  2. Put rubbish out in the right bins neatly!

  3. Clean out your recycling and DON'T put recycling in plastic bags (even if the bag states it's recyclable - it's not!)

  4. Don't stack your dog poop bags on others' trash cans! That's gross.

  5. Clean up your block when you're able. You can contact us to check out any street sweeping tools like rakes, shovels, etc.

If you'd like to get more involved with the cleaning and greening of our neighborhood, join our Clean & Green Committee. They meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month via ZOOM at 7:00p.


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