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SOSNA Triangles

The SOSNA Triangles Committee maintains, beautifies and activates our premier public space at 23rd & South.

Get Involved

The Triangles Committee meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street (unless otherwise noted).


Who Should Get Involved

If you use this public space or live nearby, we'd love for volunteers to help us maintain the space, plan for the future and organize and volunteer at events.



Plazapalooza is the SOSNA Triangle's annual fundraising event. Each year, we close down Grays Ferry Avenue from South Street to Bainbridge Street, and feature live music performances, food trucks, kids activities, beer, and much more.  It's a celebration of the start of summer at The Triangles with concerts, birthday parties, and countless hours of enjoyment for the young and old who visit the plaza to meet with friends, read a book, or just lounge in the shade by the Catharine Thorn Fountain. 

Plazapalooza 2020 will happen on Saturday, September 26 from 12-6p!

Native Pollinator Garden

Native pollinator gardens are integral aspects of our local ecology that help plants and animals thrive. They are also critical stopping grounds for the annual flight of monarch butterflies as they make their great migration.

In 2021, the Triangles received a Native Pollinator Habitat designation from Penn State.  This area is a growing ecological oasis, with new native species planted every year. 

Grays Ferry Ave Improvements

The Vision Zero Committee and the Triangles Committee are working together to improve the area between South and Bainbridge and from South 22nd Street to South 24th Street, and together are applying for a major grant from the state ($1.5 million) to further develop our plans and execute the work.The Triangles committee is focusing on making the plaza permanent and has designed a space that is attractive. The Vision Zero Committee is proposing a redesign of the complicated intersection at Grays Ferry Avenue, Bainbridge, and South 23rd and South 24th Streets.

Read more here.

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