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The Clean & Green Committee's main objective is to create and maintain a pleasant, clean atmosphere within the neighborhood. From block cleanups and street tree planting to stormwater management workshops and recycling drives, the committee partners with various government bodies to keep our neighborhood beautiful all year round.

Current chair(s)

David Share, Chair

Meeting Info

This Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  Currently these meetings are being held via Zoom. Please reach out to for hte link and to join the committee.

Current Initiatives


Community Compost Hub PILOT

@ Carpenter Green Park

17th & Carpenter Streets

This pilot program has ended, but keep an ear out for any future compositing opportunities!

In the meantime you can use such services as Bennett Compost or Circle Compost to help you get rid of food waste!


Volunteer with the Tree Tenders

A group of trained volunteers who coordinate the delivery, planting, and maintenance of street trees throughout our neighborhood. Our organizers host two annual plantings - one in Spring and one in Fall. Signing up for Street Trees is free through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In 2022, our Tree Tenders planted over 100 trees!


Glitter Street Cleaning Become a Block CHAMPION!

Clean & Green volunteers have been working with Glitter, a Philly street cleaning start-up company, to help with street cleaning on corridors throughout the neighborhood. 

​If you would like to become a block CHAMPION and bring Glitter to your block, send us an email at Once your block reaches $50 in pledges, SOSNA will donate $50 for one FREE block cleaning! Plus SOSNA will provide all of the necessary marketing materials needed!


Request a street tree pruning

You can request a pruning of your street tree by our local Tree Tenders!

They will check out your site and determine if they are able to do the job.

Click the arrow to access the request form.

Plan A Block Clean-Up

You can plan your own block clean-up with your neighbors!  

You check out tools such as shovels and brooms from SOSNA.

Click the arrow to see our Community Clean-Up Guide.

Family in the Park

Ever wonder how those amazing parks you use each week came to be?

SOSNA has written a brief history of each park! How they came to be, or almost never came to be might surprise you!

Click the "History of Our Parks" link above to read all about it!

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