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call for ideas

​SOSNA and Mural Arts Philadelphia are working on a series of street murals to improve traffic safety near E.M. Stanton and Chester Arthur Elementary Schools as part of our Safe Pathways to our Schools project! To inspire our artist, we need help gathering images and stories from our neighbors. These images will help the artist come up with colorful graphics. 

Send us your hippest, coolest, most awesome graphics and colors to inspire the artist working on our street mural.

Not an artist? Send us your stories, anecdotes and inspiration!

Contest open to everyone -- children, teens, adults, and even businesses! 

All entries will be placed in a random drawing: 

  • 1 lucky winner will win a $20 gift card to a local business. 

  • 3 lucky winners will win a copy of Evergreens: A Neighborhood History book. 

  • 10 lucky winners will have the opportunity to join the artist (Calo Rosa) for a remote design session. 


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how to submit


get inspired!

Learn more about the project! 

If you can, visit the sites where the murals will be painted:


If you can’t go in person, imagine yourself at these intersections or view them on Google Maps (links included above).


When you are there: 

  • Imagine you are driving a car. What images, colors or patterns do you think might help drivers to slow down or make them more aware of people crossing the street? 

  • Do you have any happy or inspirational stories to share about any of these locations? 

  • Are there any community helpers that you are reminded of? What images or colors would make them happy?


make your artwork


OPTION 1 -- Select, download, and print the “bulb out” template you’d like to use for your artwork.


OPTION 2 -- Draw your own “bulb out” template using the dimensions listed for your artwork.

OPTION 3 -- Pick up a template at a neighborhood flyer box or business (find a location on our map!):


The Igloo, 2223 Grays Ferry Avenue

YMCA, 1724 Christian Street

Olivares Food Market, 1718 Wharton Street



Chester Arthur - 21st & Catharine (SE Corner)

E. M. Stanton/Carpenter Green - 17th & Montrose (SW Corner) 

Scottish Rite House Garden, 1525 Fitzwater   

UBC Garden of Eden, 1910 Fitzwater

Color or decorate the “bulb out” template. Use any materials you want -- pencil, crayon, marker, cut paper, paint, or images to make a collage!

Not an artist but still have something to share with us?
We’d love to read your stories, poems, or thoughts sent to us via email at



send us your ideas - due sunday, march 28


Option 1 Email Us:
Take a picture of your artwork and email it to us!


Option 2 Drop off your entries in the mailbox of the SOSNA office at 1901 Washington 

Ave Unit B (located on 19th Street).


Make sure to include your name and email address so you can be added to our random drawing of winners! 


help us create a community gallery of entries! 

Once completed, display your artwork in your window to be a part of our neighborhood gallery (include your cross streets/block to be included on our map)! 

Celebrate spring by taking a walk through the neighborhood to see the artwork! 

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