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Hello friends and neighbors!  SOSNA would like to know your opinion on a myriad of issues.  You can help us today by taking our community surveys and filling out our petitions!  

In order to better serve our community, SOSNA is collecting this data so we can share it with relevant stakeholders such as small businesses, city agencies, and SOSNA committees.

For various SOSNA projects, we create petitions to prove community support.  A petition is a critical tool when we are working with city agencies.  Your voice helps us with some of our most difficult projects such as improving traffic safety measures.

Thank you for taking the time to complete these surveys & petitions and helping SOSNA serve you better.



SOSNA Elections:  Community Feedback Survey

SOSNA is updating our General Elections protocols for our Board of Directors!

SOSNA will be recruiting community members to serve on the SOSNA Elections Steering Committee from January-June 2023. At the culmination of their work, this Committee will provide the SOSNA Board of Directors a final proposal for adoption to update our elections protocols.  The final proposal will be shared with the community at one of SOSNA's General Meetings.

This Committee will use the responses to this community survey to guide their research and final proposals. 


Commercial Interest Survey

Recently, many community members have reached out asking about various businesses coming to the area, some of which seem out of line with the interests of our community members.

This survey data will be used for prospective commercial interests, with the hope that we can attract businesses that are actually desired by our community members.  

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Summer Music in the Triangles Series

2022 saw the return of SOSNA's Summer Music in the Triangles and we could not be happier!

We want to know what type of music, musicians, and bands YOU want to see in the series next year!

Please take this survey to help us make the Triangles a more vibrant, inclusive space every summer.



Vision Zero is more than a goal, more than a tagline, more than even just a program. It is a fundamental shift in how we approach roadway safety. To effect Vision Zero, we need  community engagement, a focus on equitable and effective safety strategies, and willingness to change the status quo.  Click below to learn more about the Neighborhood Slow Zone and sign the petition.


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