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2019 Board Candidates

Get to know our 2019 Board Candidates before our Board Election on Tuesday, 10/22 at 6:30p at Dock Street Beer!

We'll be electing 5 board members this week and wanted to give you a chance to read up on some of the candidates. Make sure you come out and vote (must be a SOSNA Member) on 10/22!


I would like to serve on the SOSNA Board because…

I believe to be part of a community involves being actively engaged with neighbors to help shape its direction and its growth for the greater good. I'd like to share my 25 years of professional and community service experience to make SOSNA and the neighborhood stronger, more empowered and sustainable for decades to come.

My community service involvement with SOSNA and/or the neighborhood includes...

I have been a member of the SOSNA Economic Development committee for the past three (3) years. I have recently taken over as committee chairperson in October 2019. I have led a street lighted effort and business directory initiative. I have also attended numerous events produced from SOSNA, such as "Dines Out", Blocktober Party, as well as other committee meetings. I look forward to being a member of the Soup Group this fall!

The skills, experience, energy, relationships and/or perspectives I will bring to the Board are…

- Planning Commission - 10 Years - West Whiteland Planning Commission (Chairperson or Vice Chair 6 years)

- Board of Directors Intelligent Transportation Society of PA (ITSPA) a non-profit PA organization - 17 Years - Officer for 6 years, Committee Chair for 17 years.

- Professionally, I lead a 400 person national group that provides strategic planning, design, and operations within the transportation industry. I understand budgets, organizing initiatives/people, determining goals, objectives and tactics, and how to get things done. I look forward to bringing these skills to the SOSNA Board.

Please tell us what SOSNA initiative or neighborhood issue you are most interested in working on. Why is it important to you? What do you think needs to be accomplished? How will you make a difference?

I'm passionate on seeing SOSNA continue to provide services to its residence. As such, I have been a part of the economic development committee. This year, I led the effort to create the SOSNA business directory. A tool that allows SOSNA to manage and track the needs, growth and stability of our businesses. By collecting this information, SOSNA will be more empowered to discuss commercial needs with developers as brownfield construction continues to propagate throughout the neighborhood. But, a website is only as good as those you use it and understand it potential. To this end, reaching out to our commercial businesses is a key factor to their flourishing in the neighborhood. I look forward to that opportunity as a SOSNA board member.

Finally, I believe that neighborhoods succeed with three key items: Safe/Lighted Streets; Clean Streets; Opportunity for Neighbors to Connect with One Another. I again look forward to expanding these concepts as a SOSNA board member.