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Join A Commitee

SOSNA has five active subcommittees.  Each subcommittee meets monthly and all community members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

The SOSNA Committees add to the vibrancy of our neighborhood.  They are also a great way to get to know the area and your neighbors better.  Check out the SOSNA Committees below and get involved today!


The Clean & Green Committee's main objective is to create and maintain a pleasant, clean atmosphere within the neighborhood. From block cleanups and street tree planting to stormwater management workshops and recycling drives, the committee partners with various government bodies to keep our neighborhood beautiful all year round.

The Impact Committee's main objective is to create positive social change, and engaging the community efforts and represent the people within our community. We work to build expertise around social impact matters by opening discussions and encouraging collaboration between socially-driven individuals. The Impact Committee builds partnerships between SOSNA and other organizations and individuals, with the aim of bringing relevant resources, events, and expertise to our residents.

Vision Zero graphic.png

Vision Zero is not a slogan, not a tagline, not even just a program. It is a fundamentally different way to approach traffic safety.

Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together diverse and necessary stakeholders to address this complex problem. The scope of our work involves traffic calming, bicycle lanes, pedestrian safety and mobility (including ADA accessibility), and public transportation.
The Vision Zero Committee has many neighborhood-wide projects for you to join. If you’re interested in improving the walkability and livability of our neighborhood, the Vision Zero Committee is right for you!

The Triangles Committee is responsible for maintaining, beautifying, and organizing events at the pedestrian plaza at 23rd & South Streets.


To encourage, foster, and facilitate positive economic development within the neighborhood. Acting as an intermediary link between residents and businesses, the committee is focused on bringing value to the neighborhood that addresses community needs and creates opportunities for businesses to thrive.

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