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SOSNA is pleased to partner with Circle Compost to bring a Community Compost Hub to Carpenter Green Park!

The Grand Opening is this Friday, 9/9 from 3-4pm at the park! Stop by the park to learn more, pick-up the list of eligible compostable items, grab a free bucket, and start composting today! If you haven't composted before, we encourage you to find one of our volunteers in safety vests at the park and they can answer your questions.

Compost drop-off hours for the community will be every Saturday from 9-10am. During this time, community members are welcome to deposit their household compost in our community toter. Circle Compost will empty the toter weekly and turn our food waste into precious black gold compost!

SOSNA is working on building a Compost Hub webpage. This page will have additional resources including the compost guidelines, monthly drop-off hours, and information for our volunteers. We thank you for your patience as the site is under construction!

This pilot project is being funded by a grant award from the Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia. Please consider making a small donation to SOSNA to help make this a sustainable resource for our community (put "Compost Hub" in your payment notes and we'll take it from there)!


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