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March General Meeting RECAP

SOSNA held our first general meeting of 2021 on Tuesday, March 30 via ZOOM. The topic was preservation and hosted a few guests including Vicki Riley from the Department of Revenue, Brandon Washington the founder of "1901" co-work space and Patrick Grossi from the Preservation Alliance.

You can watch the recording of the meeting on Facebook or download the recording.

Vicki Riley provided us an overview of assistance programs available to residents for their 2021 Real Estate Tax Bill and water bills.

Real Estate Tax Assistance Programs

**real estate taxes are due March 31!

Water Bill Assistance Programs

  • Philadelphia Water Department Water Bill Customer Assistance Programs - for anyone having trouble paying their water bill should apply for help. Assistance programs are designed to help PWD customers who are:

    • low income (tiered assistance program)

    • seniors (25% water bill discount)

    • having a special hardship that makes it difficult to pay their water bills (income guidelines apply)

  • Standard Water Payment Agreements - allows customers to make monthly payments on past due water bills (no age or income requirements)

Business Taxes



Municipal Services Center

1401 JFK Blvd, Concourse Level

Phila, PA 19102


To visit, you must schedule an appointment to make payments in-person:

Phone: 215-686-6442 or 215-686-6600, select option #3

Or schedule a time to speak to a representative in-person:

Property Taxes: 215-686-6442 or 215-686-6600, select option #3

Water: 215-685-6300


tax questions:

water questions:

Online Payments

Property Taxes: (877)-309-3710

Water Bills: (877)-309-3709

Vicki Riley, Public Information Officer


Brandon Washington, SOSNA Board of Directors spoke to us about the 1901 Co-Work Space and how to get involved.

Fill out the form to stay up to date on updates on "1901":

Contribute to the GoFundMe to help cover costs for this space:


Nicole Koedyker, SOSNA's Executive Director debuted SOSNA's Preservation Action Plan with the help of Patrick Grossi from the Preservation Alliance.

SOSNA aims to preserve the historic resources that provide meaning to the neighborhood through policies, storytelling and support programs.

This action plan outlines potential actions we can take to start these conversations with our neighbors about the past, present and future.

SOSNA welcomes any questions, comments, stories and ideas using this form:

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