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SOSNA Asks the City to enact the Washington Avenue Repaving and Restriping Safety Plan

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The South of South Neighborhood Association urges the City to move forward with the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (oTIS) Final Design Decision.

The Washington Avenue corridor has been changing, becoming less industrial and home to more residents, restaurants, and retail. SOSNA has been working with residents, developers, and other stakeholders to reimagine an avenue that is more mixed-use, economically inclusive, and pedestrian-and bicycle-friendly. In its current state, Washington Avenue is difficult to cross and has a high rate of crashes. OTIS’s three-lane road diet plan will make it much safer to cross the street while maintaining adequate traffic flow for motor vehicles. This improvement will dramatically increase the quality of life for residents above and below Washington Avenue, reduce crashes, and better reflect the changing land uses.

Before deciding to remake Washington Avenue as a 3-lane road, the city conducted 37 meetings with 26 community organizations and received 5,434 survey responses from nearby residents. 71 percent of nearby residents preferred the 3-lane option. Due to the overwhelming support of residents and an alignment with SOSNA goals on Washington Avenue, we endorsed the OTIS plan last year. However, the City has delayed its enactment. And, additional people have been hit by vehicles on Washington Ave - two in just the past two weeks.

In addition to our support, we are asking residents who are in favor to urge the City to enact the safer Washington Avenue redesign by signing the petition below:

To print the survey, click the link below:

OR stop by the SOSNA office on Thursday, November 18th, between 10AM and 2PM to fill out the survey in person.

If you print the survey at home, please mail or drop off completed paper surveys by Monday 11/29 to:

Safer Washington Avenue

Fishbox #6780

737 Bainbridge Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

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