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Reduce your waste at home

With the increase in severe weather, a pandemic, overworked and underpaid sanitation workers AND in honor of Plastic-Free July, we decided to reach out to our own Clean & Green Committee members to hear how they try to reduce their waste in their homes every day. We've put together all their ideas so we can collectively work together to make our streets cleaner and (literally) take some of the load off our sanitation workers.


Living in a city and composting may seem like a farfetched idea but thanks to the pick-up services of Circle Compost ($12-18/week) and Bennett Compost ($18/week), you can have your stinky food waste picked up weekly (or bi-weekly with Circle Compost). They'll drop off a plastic bucket to you at the start and ask that you set it out on your stoop or curb on a specific day of the week for pick up. Composting is a great way to *greatly* reduce the stink of your curbside trash in the hot summer months.

CLEAN & GREEN MEMBER TIPS: Line your bucket with paper grocery bags (from takeout or shopping) so they don't get as dirty (note: the "compostable liners" sold at stores may not work in your pick-up's system so check with them before using them!). Also, keep a smaller compost bin with a charcoal filter under your sink or in your kitchen so you don't have to keep the big one inside.

For those that want to support their local gardens, you can reach out to your community garden to ask if they have a compost pile you can contribute to. Remember to ask what you can and can't drop off - they'll have rules and each process is different! Check out UBC Garden of Eden (19th & Fitzwater) and the Water Garden (21st & Fitzwater)


Rabbit Recycling is a new on-demand service that provides a convenient solution for households and businesses to recycle, reuse, and upcycle material waste. They'll drop off a 5- or 18-gallon bucket, you fill it up for items from their List and then request a pick-up when you're ready! Pricing ranges for a one-time pick up, swap or monthly subscription.

CLEAN & GREEN MEMBER TIPS: Try out Rabbit Recycling's "On-Demand Swap" option so you always have a bin in your home. We use it to recycle protein bar wrappers, avocado netting, batteries, lightbulbs, plastic mailers (including ones with bubble wrap) - just drop it in the bucket and let them know when it's full and ready for pick-up!


While plastic can be found anywhere, many of our members have identified cleaning products as a big source of plastic use. Companies like Grove Collaborative, Blueland, and Dropps deliver plastic-free alternatives to cleaning products like multi-purpose spray, laundry detergent, body care, and more. Less packaging means less in your trash or recycling!

CLEAN & GREEN MEMBER TIP: If you're looking to shop local, check out Philadelphia's first retail shop dedicated to low-waste and plastic-free alternatives for everyday life, Good Buy Supply in East Passyunk.

The Rounds also does a zero-waste delivery and refill service for home essential - think cleaning supplies, bathroom necessities and pantry staples. Refills in our neighborhood are every Thursday!


How do you reduce your waste in your home? Share your tips with us!


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